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is a German Engineering Company founded, owned and managed by the founder Jens Peters. The founders have an experience of 20 years in the field of wind power and a long track record of complete wind farms.


SWW defines their work and services as follows:

• Development of windpower plants
• Engineering of windpower plants
• Turnkey contractor for wind farms
• Training and technical education
• Maintenance and service
• Research & development
• Financial expertise


Wind power plants:
SWW can offer a portfolio of different turbine sizes and concepts for wind power plants:


• Wind Turbines with a nominal capacity of 750 kW located nearby smaller cities and/or in the country side.


• Wind Turbines with a nominal capacity of 1.500 kW - nearby mid size cities and smaller industrial areas.

• Wind Turbines with a nominal capacity of 2.300 kW - nearby big consumers / industrial areas.
• Wind Turbines with a nominal capacity of 3,000 kW and bigger.


The engineering department of SWW develops the layout of each project individually. The layout is documented in detailed drawing descriptions and maps of the site with building roads, foundations, building permits and grid connection.

The development and engineering takes 6 - 12 month depending on the size and complexity of each project.

During this step, SWW and the Project-Partner are working on the financial structure of the project. Everything has to be defined, formed and documented, so that the financial closing of the project is possible.

The financial closing is an obligation before the construction of the project can start.

Depending on the size and the complexity of a project the construction phase can take 6 to 12 month till the wind power plant is commissioned.

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